Quadbase is a database of quadruplex motifs. It is composed of two parts (EuQuad and ProQuad). EuQuad gives information on quadruplex motifs present in human, chimpanzee, rat and mouse genes. ProQuad contains quadruplex information of 146 prokaryotes. Apart from gene-specific searches QuadBase has a number of other modules. ‘Orthologs Analysis’ queries for conserved motifs across species in a user-defined manner; ‘Pattern Search’ can be used to fetch specific motifs of interest and the ‘Pattern Finder’ tool can search for motifs in any given sequence(Yadav et al., Nucleic Acids Research, 2007).

Regulatory significance of quadruplex motifs was studied in 18 bacterial species where global role in transcription during the growth phase was evident (Rawal et al., Genome Research, 2006).

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Dr.Shantanu Chowdhury

Vinod Kumar Yadav, James.K.Abraham, M Prithvi, Rashi Kulshrestha

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